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3 Top Tips to Get the Best Deals on 500 Free Business Cards

If you are planning to print business cards in bulk, do not forget the name of It is an online printing service provider that is offering a promotional deal of printing 500 free business cards. If you need business cards in bulk, availing this offer is the best option for you. While you can get such printed cards in bulk, you can also save money by availing the deal. But how do you ensure that the printing deal you are choosing is the best one? Given below are 3 top tips to help you choose the best deals on business cards:

While choosing a deal, you must make it a point to check whether you are getting the best quality products. The 500 free business cards you print will represent your company and its policies to the customers. That is the reason it is very important that you do not compromise on the quality of the printed cards.

You must check whether the business card printing deal you choose is offering you the opportunity to choose the quality of paper, designs from business cards templates, and the UV option. You should be able to do the required amount of customization on the cards.

Another important thing that you must check about a business card printing deal is the turnaround time. You must make sure that you are getting the products delivered within the set time.

Keep these pointers in mind when it comes to printing the best deals on 500 free business cards.


How to Get Cheap 4x6 Postcard Printing?                     

If you are using direct mail for marketing your products, then you should look for cheap postcard printing to save more funds for your campaign. If you want postcards for marketing for your personal projects, here is how you can get cheap postcards printed to suit your purpose. The main key for getting people to pick up the 4x6 postcard printing depends on the presentation and the paper quality. However, you can spend heavily to print effective postcards. Here are some of the techniques which can be employed for getting postcard printing.

Use of Colors

Most of the postcard printing companies advise to go for four color printing on both the sides of postcard. This is a very costly option. In postcard printing, you can find two and four colors on one side of the postcard. But, if you don’t want to keep the back side of your postcard blank, you can just print your message on the blank ink.

Wholesale Printing                                   

The cost of printing can be minimized to an extent with wholesale printing. So, when you order large number of postcards, you can get more discounts.

Cost-effective Material

You can select one-sided glossy paper for postcard printing instead of double side paper. The other costs which you can cut down include glossy inks and also water resistant coating. The commercial printers can design an alluring postcard without these options.

Free Designs for Postcards

You can also download the online templates and customize them according to the preference. This can save the cost of hiring a graphic designer for designing your postcard.

Size of Postcards

A postcard is never too large. A small postcard can be designed in the most effective way that can advertise your business efficiently. If you opt for the minimum size postcard, it will reduce your printing cost by 10 to 15%.


Benefits of Cheap Postcard Printing

The advertising need of any company will be satisfied when you include cheap postcard printing activity. This is a time-tested process and is effective for all kind of business. People will consider the activity as the sound investment for an effective promotion of your business at a very minimal cost. It’s very suitable for the present state of economy. This is an inexpensive route for creating competent publicity and effective promotion of your business.

Take Help of Online Printing Companies                                              

In the world of advanced technology, you can take help of online printing companies for creating effective postcards. You can use direct mailing services for reaching a large section of your customers. You can promote your business products and services to the large customer base through 4x6 postcard printing postcard printing. Also, you can take advantage of the internet to visit your site of online printing company and check various samples of postcards. You can find several kinds of postcards. You can also create a customized material for promoting your business. Take help of the printing companies which create scintillating design of the postcards with the perfect appeal for your customers related to the products and services.

Create Simple, yet Effective Postcards

Designing postcards is very easy. This is the main reason of its success. You can also create simple postcards for communicating with customers. You can explain the positive points of your business clearly to your customers. This is done through proper use of content in the print material. This is a revolutionary process that can be used in the advertising world. You should know about the right technique to use the process in order to acquire advantage from conventional postcard printing.

Organize Marketing Campaigns

For creating the right appeal for your customers through postcard printing activity, get hold of online printing services. Your business can be noticed by a large crowd when you take the advantage of direct mailing services offered by online printing company. You can do this work within your budget and you should not worry about organizing advertising campaigns. This is a very small investment which you can receive from postcard printing. Some of the reputed online printing companies take up the entire program and guarantee completion of your project successfully. Thus, you can get the positive effect of your advertising campaigns.

Cheap Postcard Printing Options Online              

Postcard printing facilities are available very easily these days. You can also browse through several sites on the internet that provide printing facilities. You can get your custom printed at great discounts. All types of promotional postcards are available online in various colors, designs, shapes and sizes. For making your postcard cheap, you have to pay attention to these important pointers.

Use Online Templates for 4x6 postcard printing

The postcard templates are available in various sizes and shapes online. If you are looking for square postcards or for 4x6 postcard printing or whatever is the shape or size, online postcard printers can make your postcard for your particular requirements.

It’s very important for keeping the size of the postcard and templates in smaller sizes, when you are looking at printing cheap postcards. If you go by the size of the postcard which is acceptable at the post office, you can also opt for the smallest size of your postcard. Your postcards should be appealing.

Online Postcard Printers

Postcard printers are very popular in the market and will promote their company like a brand. Thy can charge you more. When you are shopping for the postcards online, you can browse many postcard printers and find the one that’s suitable for your business. They will never charge a premium on the costs for promoting your postcard printing company.

Color and Theme of Postcards

The color scheme of your postcard is the most important factor while deciding the designs of the postcard. According to the theme and the purpose of the business cards, there are palettes which require certain colors. There are also some portions of the postcard which don’t need colors. You can keep these portions blank or you can use black and white colors. This will make your postcard printing available at economical rates.

How to Increase Sales with 55printing Brochure Printing?

Brochures are a great marketing tool for maintaining an employee in your business. Outsourcing brochures are not at all expensive which some of the businesses think. Several businesses offer target services that can ensure the data systems for operating technical efficiency. For presenting several outsourcing services, 55printing print brochures are very effective advertising tool.

  • In every business, the development is faster now and more efficient when the system continues. 55printing brochure printing can appear beneficial for your business. This is the most essential way to revise the piece so the leading edge distinctiveness should never be compromised. When you are selling the services to your companies, printed brochures should include certain elements that can impress your prospective clients and customers.


  • The managers work for maintaining consistency in your company. If you are targeting your company, the printed brochures can maintain the style through the piece. You should keep your fonts of your brochures uniform with important descriptions of your business products and services.
  • The concept of printed brochures is very simple to appeal to the administrators and are detailed enough to convince your manager and clients.


  • The clients are mainly interested for creating alluring and eye-catching brochures. You should include the content that is appealing to the nature of your business. This can increase the sales pitches of your business. 55prints printed brochures will provide you with effective brochures and lessens the use vibrant colors, adjectives, metaphors and personal opinions.


  • The performance of the managers in every business is motivated. They drill down and ignore superfluous distractions. Some listing services, like web hosting, 24/7 monitoring, data migration and others can be appealing to the sensitive clients.


  • When you want to overwhelm your reader with too many information, then it can create a negative impact on your customers and clients. You can just highlight your business services and the other important assets including contact information when creating attractive printed brochures. For your business, you can develop some great brochures with the help of professional graphic design services.
  • 55printing brochure printing will provide you with some useful information of printing brochures. There are several folding options of brochures available online. Online brochure printers can work with the clients for ensuring finished brochures that look professional, attractive and appealing. For presenting several outsourcing services, printed brochures are extremely effective for any type of business.


Things to be Considered for Brochure Printing

Brochure printing has been in business for a long time. Brochure printing is a popular marketing media which can increase maximum response rates. The reason for brochure printing is very popular as it works. Following are some of the useful and helpful tips on how you to use printed brochures for increasing you’re your business sales and exposure.

Brochure printing is quite inexpensive. You have to select an ideal online printing company which for making exceptional brochures. There are various online printing companies which can help in your brand identity. Some high-quality vendor professionals will deliver outstanding results at economical rates. There are also professionals who offer and low-quality and sub-standard results. The most important is that you have to find the best. Just you need to give more time on your research.

You should ignore brochure printing in low-quality. 55printing brochure printing will offer you with exceptional brochures for any type of business. If you are you are sending direct mailings, then you can achieve great response. Low-quality brochures will only end up in the trash bin and will remain unread. This will be a complete wastage of your investment.

On the other hand, high-quality brochures can easily catch more attention of your customers. This is the first step to get the brochures read. When you are looking for good brochure printing services online, you should pay attention of the brochure printing press they use.

This is a brilliant idea for considering the color of brochures. Full-color brochures have a great visual impact than the white and black brochures. The cost of the colored brochures are a bit expensive than white and black ones. This is a very good investment where the results matter. You have to select the quality brochure printing in order to the best results.

Depending on the brochures you need, search for the brochure printing vendors offering custom brochure prints. This is the service which mainly allows the customers to order the number of brochures they require. If the customers need more brochures, they can go back and order several copies. When you purchase brochures at bulk, you can save money on every purchase.

Some Secrets of 55printing Brochure Printing

With quality of prints taken into consideration, here are some tips that can be used for evaluating brochure printing site. Equipment printing is very important with the reproduction of brochures. With various types of printing, latest printing equipment is the minimum requisite for getting good quality brochures.

55printing brochure printing will offer you with the most effective designs of brochures. These can easily attract both existing and new customers to your clients. You will get a good concept for your style which emphasizes your main objective with giving illustrations. Here, you can also some across several pamphlets which can make use of the extra services in order to facilitate your printing project. With the help of templates and rate quotes and file testimonials, you can easily enhance the satisfaction of the customers who wants to get their pamphlets produced.

Brochures can be produced on good quality paper. There are various options on stock materials which can make use for increasing the portability of brochures. These printed brochures are installed outdoors as well as indoors. An extra coating is given which can be useful for your business.

Just because of the size, printed brochures can never be detailed as a catalogue. The content of the brochures has to be sales oriented. The essential key for achieving this is to awaken the curiosity of the readers to the business products and services. Finally, designing a brochure can be easily done with the help of online brochure printing.

Is 5x7 Postcard Printing a Suitable Choice for You?

There are a number of marketing tools which you can use to make your own business prosper. Nowadays, companies and organizations are fond of using the internet for their marketing activities. These new marketing tactics have great benefits but they are rarely as cheap as the traditional marketing tactics. Postcards, for example, are still immensely beneficial for any type of business.

Postcards can be utilized by your company in a number of ways. These are highly flexible as marketing tools and you can send these postcards for several purposes. If you are using postcards for the promotion of your business, using customized postcards can ensure high response rates. There are various sizes available. You can opt for a 5x7 postcard printing for your marketing needs. In fact, the design of the postcard should be taken care of or it can be difficult to make use of these postcards as an advertising and marketing tool.

Full-Color 5x7 postcard printing

These postcards can be made with the help of traditional methods of offset printing and also with advanced digital printing. The traditional offset printing is done by using the film and the plates. In order to bring the effect of full color postcards, it’s advisable to make use of the striking images, eye-catching content and good photography.

Benefits of full color printing are of several types of printing where the full printing offers are precise. You can get postcards at low prices. Color photocopiers can live up to the standards that are set by full color printing. The full color postcards are the most cost-effective marketing and advertising tools. When you choose the right printer, high-quality standards will be achieved within your budget.  For the small jobs also, printers is a viable option. Full-color printing is the best option for the clients who cannot print a large number of postcards for your business purposes.

Many of the business owners can create a postcard with the help of Publisher, Quark, CorelDraw or Photoshop software on the computer, depending on the marketing objectives. Those who don’t have the time for designing their own postcards, you can take help of the professional postcard designers.

The printing firms can ask the customers to choose the quantity, product type and the job format. These firms will offer you postcards with an approximate estimate of cost. The postcard designers will present some of the options to the clients who can select from those options. When the client approves the design, a final proof should be sent before approval for printing. Full-color postcards are available in various sizes, such as 5x7 postcard printing, 4x6 postcards, 5 x 8 postcards, 4x9 postcards, 6x9 postcards, and 6x11 Omni size postcards and 8 x 11 letter size postcards. The postcards can be custom-made for appropriate sizes suitable for your company.

Effective Designs for Postcards

Postcard printing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy. These postcards are affordable and highly portable because of the form and size. You can mail the postcards are also included in the press kits, new business packets, marketing materials etc. Thus, it’s very important to ensure that you get the most of your marketing efforts. Following are the top five tips to the postcard designs which can cross over to any form of marketing.

  • The colors that you should use in the postcards must be contrasting and bright. If you have bright and contrasting colors, then your card will get more attention. Make sure that all the postcards you use are in line with your brand. You have to build properly aligned branding which will allow your recipient to trust your company as a reputable one.


  • You should consider the size of the postcards. This is very important when you are looking for a perfect size postcard suitable for your business. You can choose for large 5x7 postcards for getting maximum exposure. You can enlarge your images but gets instant attention from your recipient.
  • You should use a balanced composition which is clean and free of any clutter. This will cut your confusion and will help you to understand the most important messages. So, you should be sure of the images, colors and the textures which should be properly balanced with the four corners of your postcard. You can also guide the customers through the series of thoughts by using this composition. This can help in selling the product.


  • The images used on your postcard can call attention of your prospects. This will help you to highlight your key messages and will add a little personality. So, you should use images which have the same colors of the logo of your company for your postcard. This will help you to unify your marketing collateral.
  • You should be sure of the font used is professional. Several times people go with the casual font. Though this is one tactic, sometimes it’s not successful. This is to include a professional font which has the casual copy. The professional font will send a clear message on your appearance, when the casual tone will make your brand relatable.


  • When you are over with your postcard, you should be sure that it speaks to the target audience clearly and succinctly. Your postcards should have clear and concise message which matters the most in the marketing material. So, make sure that your postcards are clear and to the point.

You can do 5x7 postcard printing online or also at the offset printing company. It’s better for online postcard printing services where you can get great choices with low rates. You can also get discounts when you place wholesale online orders. If you want to stick to your budget, online purchase is better.

When you get the price quotes, you can also make an immediate decision. The process of ordering the postcards is very simple and convenient. You have to prepare a mailing list and send them to your prospects. This is not enough if your print the postcards. They should reach to the correct people. The online websites offer free mailing list and mailing service that takes the burden from your shoulders.

55prints Print Brochures at Competitive Rates

Are you looking for a company that provides printing services at the best rates in the market? 55prints print brochures at surprisingly low rates. However, the rates are reasonable and it never means that quality of the prints and the type of materials used will be compromised in any way. You can visit the website of 55prints at The company deals with printing of all types of marketing tools. You can place an order for printing brochures, pamphlets, or catalogs. You can print your own customizations to the brochures or flyers you print.

Choosing what to print

What are you planning to print? This is probably the most important question that you should ask yourself while placing an order. Most of the companies put their own customizations to the marketing tools they print. You too should provide your company’s logos, contact details, icons, and brand names to the materials you print. 55prints print brochures that help in building brand recognition with the right designs and patterns on the printed copies.

You must remember that printing just any marketing tool is not desired. You must make sure that you are printing just the right marketing tools for your company. The tool that is suitable for your company may not be so for your competitors. That is the reason you need to analyze your marketing needs before choosing the type of tool you’d use for the purpose. You may choose pamphlets or flyers, or you can choose a combination of brochures and catalogs for marketing a newly launched product. You must consult with experienced marketers for choosing the best marketing tools for your company.

55prints print brochures that are best

True. At a company like you can get the best prints on brochures. So, if you are planning to do marketing and advertising of your products with brochures, you must make it a point to choose 55prints. It is a company that provides you with multiple options for printing brochures. You can print tri fold brochures or multiple page brochures for your company. You can choose from thousands of brochure printing templates at You can choose a brochure design according to your preference and add suitable customizations. Moreover, you can add your own content to the brochures. You need to consult with the designers on the content you should use for the brochures. Moreover, proper placement for the texts is important. In addition to that you can also choose the preferable fonts for the content in the brochures.

At 55prints print brochures that look aesthetically beautiful and are also rich in content about the products and services of the company. You must know that there are loads of templates at the online design studio of the company. You can also talk to the designers directly and find out whether the type of fonts and designs you are choosing is suitable for the type of brochures that you are printing. You must check whether the brochures are looking attractive and if the messages are getting across nicely. You can trust 55prints with brochure printing services. You should know that brochures printed by the online service provider are claimed to be of very good quality.

Things to check before choosing to print brochures

If you are printing brochures, you must check a few important things. This is necessary because you should not go bankrupt in marketing with brochures. That is the reason you need to make sure that the company is providing brochure printing services at affordable rates. Moreover, there are certain ways in which you can control your brochure printing expenses. One of the important ways you can control the cost of printing brochures is by pre-determining the number of copies to be printed. You must make an estimate of the number of customers you’d like to send the brochures to. Accordingly, you must place an order for printing brochures. You must remember that if you print more brochures than you actually need, you are actually wasting money. That is the reason you must print exactly the number of copies you’d need.

55prints print brochures in bulk at wholesale rates. Wholesale rates on printing such marketing pieces can actually reduce the cost. That is the reason you must look for a company that offers wholesale rates on printing services. If you are printing brochures for marketing, it is obvious that you’d need such printed copies in bulk. So, instead of placing repeated orders, make an estimate on the number of customers you’d send the brochures to and place an order for printing all of it at the same time. By doing that you can avail discounts, which will in turn help you save money. Moreover, you can also get the orders delivered to your doorstep. So, you can avoid the hassle of carrying thousands of pieces of brochures back to your company from the printers’.

To ensure that the prints on the brochures are prominent and neat, you must check whether the company you are choosing is well equipped with the latest technologies. 55prints print brochures using the best brochure printing techniques and technologies. The experts from 55printing make sure that the prints of marketing tools are done using the best technology. Check whether the company has the latest printers to take up the task of brochure printing. Remember, you should not compromise on the quality of the prints of brochures. These marketing pieces will represent your company to the new and prospective customers. To make a good impression you must research well before choosing to print brochures from a reputed company.

Now you know why you must choose a suitable company for printing the brochures. Remember, brochure marketing can be strong and effective. These are marketing copies that reach the customers directly and leave a long lasting effect in the minds of the customers.  That is the reason you need to check whether the company that can help you print the best quality brochures. You need to consider all the aspects discussed above to be able to print the best brochures for your company. Sitemap Pages | Powered by